What are Security Interests?

18 December 2020

The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 (NSW) (the PPSA) section 12 defines a security interest as “an interest in personal property provided for by a transaction that, in substance, secures payment or performance of an obligation.” This section also provides a helpful list of examples of a security interest.

Section 21 of the PPSA then deals with how to perfect your security interest to ensure you are a priority, secured creditor.

In order for a security interest to be perfected it must be:

  1. attached – attachment occurs when the party granting security has rights (or the power to transfer rights) in the property and does an act (for example executing a security agreement) that creates the security interest;
  2. enforceable against a third party – a security interest is enforceable once it is attached and either the secured party is in possession or control of the property or the security interest has been registered; and
  3. registered and, or in possession or control of the secured party.

As is shown by the above, steps 2 and 3 are interconnected and mutually reinforcing.

Regardless of the security interest and the property, all security interests should be registered on the Personal Property Securities Register at a minimum.

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